The Discovery Companies

Always searching for a better way (since 1980)

The Discovery family of companies is developing profitable oil and gas operations in Eastern Europe. The highly experienced team is committed and enthusiastic about the huge potential for this region, and to a long-term dedication of time and talents to making it more self sufficient in the energy sector.

These companies are involved in workshops, seminars and conferences to develop the university students into productive members of the oil and gas community, and to interface with and train other professionals to stay abreast and involved in the latest technological improvements.
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Discovery Polska, LLC (“DP”) is a privately-held exploration and production company primarily focused on the oil and gas rich Carpathian thrust belt of Poland, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic. It manages oil and gas exploration projects through subsidiaries, utilizing its strong management team of proven industry professionals, a well-connected and supportive Board, and a knowledgeable, motivated and enthusiastic technical team.

The group has worked diligently and tenaciously since 2008, building relationships and working toward acquisitions and partnerships in some of the most prospective conventional areas. DP now controls 3,288.5 sq km (812,606 acres) on five licenses in Slovakia and Poland, with additional acquisitions and partnerships underway.
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Discovery GeoServices Corporation (“DGSC”) is a highly experienced oil and gas consulting firm founded in 1980. Through its president, Michael (“Mike”) Lewis, the company has played a principle role in several major discoveries and developments, most notably the initiation of the Middle Bakken Play in Montana with Lyco Energy Corporation in 1999. With the “boom” in unconventional reservoir types (shale, CBM, fractured carbonates, tight sandstones, etc.), DGSC is applying its experience in several areas of Europe and North America.

DGSC provides geological services like prospect generation, evaluation, selection and support, but also has a long history with project management and oil and gas field operations. Through its sister-company relationships, it is also in position to consider participation in non-conflicting projects.