Discovery GeoServices Corporation

Always searching for a better way (since 1980)

Founded in 1980, Discovery GeoServices Corporation (“DGSC”) is a highly experienced oil and gas exploration consulting firm and exploration company. Through its president, Michael (“Mike”) Lewis, the company has played a principle role in several major discoveries and developments, most notably the initiation of the Middle Bakken Play in Montana with Lyco Energy Corporation in 1999. With the “boom” in unconventional reservoir types (shale, CBM, fractured carbonates, tight sandstones, etc.), DGSC is applying its experience in several areas of Europe and North America, particularly in cooperation with its affiliate, Discovery Polska, LLC.

DGSC provides geological services like prospect generation, evaluation, selection and support, but also has a long history with project management and oil and gas field operations.
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DGSC was formed in December 1980 to provide wellsite geological support for various operators in the North Texas area. Seizing the opportunity of those “boom times”, Discovery rapidly expanded into drilling and operating, with over 500 wells  in its care by 1985. The firm drilled several new field discoveries, from south Texas to the Williston Basin.

From 1986 through 1988, Discovery focused primarily on research and development of oil and gas potential in the fractured Mancos Shale with Gary Williams Company in the San Juan Basin and the Mission Canyon on the eastern flank of the Williston Basin, both of which resulted in successful drilling. The company focused primarily on the Williston Basin from 1993 through 1996.

After a buyout of DGSC's Williston Basin interests by Lyco Energy in 1996, Mr. Lewis (the president) served as VP-Exploration for Lyco, where he was responsible for the initiation of the extremely successful and famous Middle Bakken Play in the Williston Basin, which is now producing over 1 Million BOPD from prolific horizontal wells.

Then, with GeoFocus from 2004 to 2006, the company identified and directed Brigham and others into very successful areas of the Middle Bakken Play.

From 2007 to 2012, DGSC worked on shale gas in Europe as the chief geologist for 3Legs Resources, which has drilled 4 vertical and 2 horizontal wells on its million acres, in evaluation of a very large shale gas deposit in the Baltic Basin of northern Poland. Additional testing is underway, but looks quite favorable.

DGSC's geo-team originally began working together in 2009, but this relationship has now been formalized. In this picture, the geo-team is standing in front of the very first oil-well, dug at Bóbrka Field in southern Poland in 1854. It doesn't get much more historical than that!

Areas in which DGSC has actively worked on projects includes the following:

Conventional Locales

Basins in which DGSC personnel have performed conventional hydrocarbon exploration and development activities (drilling) include:

Arkoma Basin
Anadarko Basin
Appalachian Basin
Baltic Basin (Poland)
Big Horn Basin
Carpathians (Poland, Slovakia and Romania)
Cherokee Basin
Cooper-Eromanga Basin (Australia)
Dalhart Basin
Denver Basin
East Texas Basin
Fort Worth Basin / Bend Arch
Green River Basin
Illinois Basin
Laramie Basin
Lower Silesian Basin (Poland)
Lublin Basin (Poland)
McAlester Basin
Midland Basin / Eastern Shelf
Paradox Basin
Powder River Basin
San Juan Basin
Sedgewick Basin
Lower Silesian Basin (Poland)
Texas Gulf Coast Basins
Tyler Basin
Western Gulf Embayment
Williston Basin
Wind River Basin

"Unconventional" Locales

Basins in which DGSC has worked on "unconventional" or shale resources include:

Arkoma Basin (Fayetteville and Woodford-Caney Shale)
Appalachian Basin (Devonian & Marcellus Shales)
Baltic Basin (Poland)
Denver Basin (Niobrara Shale)
Fort Worth Basin (Barnett Shale)
Illinois Basin (New Albany Shale)
Lower Silesian Basin (Poland)
Lublin Basin (Poland)
Michigan Basin (Antrim Shale)
Paradox Basin (Hermosa, Hovenweep and Cane Creek Shales)
San Juan Basin (Lewis/Mancos Shale)
Williston Basin (Bakken and Heath Shales)