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…encouraging integrity, talent and enthusiasm
with training, ingenuity, perseverance and teamwork

Practical Workshops are being presented in cooperation with the student group YoungPetro at the AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH UST) in Krakow, Poland.

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Past Workshops
21 April, 2016: GIS & Mapping of Relevant data (Maciej Karabin, Marek Jackiewicz, Łukasz Sopel)
17 June, 2015: Prospect Characterization Workshop (Marek Jackiewicz and Łukasz Sopel)
22 April, 2015: (YoungPetro East Meets West Conference): Drilling, Completion and Production Methods, Reserves and Resources Lecture (L. Ron Crow and Sebastian Lenart), and Practical Reservoir Analysis Workshop (Michael Lewis, Marek Jackiewicz and Maciej Karabin)
25 March, 2015: GIS & Mapping of Relevant Data Workshop (Maciej Karabin and Łukasz Sopel)
21 January, 2015: Petrophysical Resource Quantification Workshop (Michael Lewis, Marek Jackiewicz, Maciej Karabin)
June 2014: Prospect Characterization (Michael Lewis)
24 April 2014: Production, Resources and Reserves (Maciej Karabin and Sebastian Lenart)
9 January 2014
: Practical Reservoir Analysis (Maciej Karabin, Marek Jackiewicz and Tomasz Ceranka)
26 November, 2013: GIS & Mapping of Relevant Data (Maciej Karabin)
9 June, 2013: Shale Gas Days - Petrophysical Resource Quantification - Understanding the potential and scope of very-low-perm clastic reservoirs (Michael Lewis)

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At the Dallas Business Roundtable on 10 February, 2015 we presented our views on the International Oil and Gas Industry in light of current oil prices and levels of activity (Michael Lewis).

We also give science classes for elementary through high school students, to give them real-world knowledge about science and its many facets.

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